The Firm

Having evolved into a full-fledge company, DP Sustainable Design (DPSD), is poised to take the green design process further than other industry leaders with its passionate and diverse team of architects, environmental engineers and building analysts. Each brings a store of knowledge and experience that equips DPSD with the expertise to handle complex design issues across a wide range of building projects.
At the core of the company, the work goal of DPSD is straightforward: To deliver holistic and innovative sustainable design solutions that are environmentally, socially and economically responsive to local climatic conditions, site context and needs of the end-users. However, the DPSD green design process is not simply about green certification or harvesting renewable energy. It is about getting design fundamentals right from the outset of a project and optimising these through detailed design. And doing so requires a pragmatic way of designing that is steered by an integrated, iterative approach; supported by an evidence base of intelligent simulations and empirical data. This enables the team to ensure that the development of the green building system goes hand in hand with the overall concept design of the building.

Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore
Mediacorp Campus, Singapore
SIT @ Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore