Our Experience

Throughout this integrative and iterative process, DPSD takes on the role of design integrator. On the one hand, the DPSD team helps clients to define and facilitate their sustainability objectives. On the other hand, they collaborate closely with DPA, DPE and DPF in a holistic and synergetic approach; communicating the essence of passive design features to benefit the active building engineering solutions. DPSD and design architects identify the environmental constraints and strengths of a site so that passive and active design options can be explored. Running computer stimulations and environmental analyses, DPSD ‘walks through’ possible green design strategies with the design architects. The efficacy of these strategies is measured and the performance of a building quantified so that the best design is achieved for the project. DPSD then ties in with M&E engineers and façade specialists to deliver active building systems that harmonise with the environment.
Although DPSD operates as a standalone subsidiary, they believe that collaboration is key. Furthermore, their green objective is supported by DPA, DPE and DPF. Together, as an integrated team, they enhance the sustainable design process and ensure that the most energy efficient mechanical and engineering solutions are homogenised into its environmental designs.
Services that DPSD provides include Bioclimatic Analysis, Sun-path Analysis, Solar Insolation Analysis, Wind Analysis, Daylight & Glare Analysis, Energy Modelling & Analysis, and Green Building Rating.

Deira Enrichment Project, UAE
Sengkang General and Community Hospitals, Singapore
Mediacorp Campus, Singapore