Green Thinking

DP Sustainable Design (DPSD) comprises architects, Green Mark professionals, environmental engineers and building analysts who work closely with design architects and M&E engineers to provide innovative green solutions. This enables them to develop an environmentally and socially responsive built environment that will help mitigate its carbon footprint, as well as overall energy and water consumption.

Assimilating and streamlining the creative and technical processes of architecture, sustainable design and engineering is core to DPSD’s design process. Green thinking is a part of DP Architects (DPA) design DNA and this concern is institutionalised in its practice. DPA’s Environmentally Sustainable Design department has evolved into a full-fledged company, DPSD, to take the green design process further than other industry leaders.

For DPSD, it is not simply about green certification or harvesting renewable energy. It is about getting design fundamentals right and doing so requires a pragmatic way of design steered by an integrated, iterative process and supported by intelligent simulations.

Iterative and Integrative Process

DPSD identifies the environmental constraints and strengths of a site so that passive and active design options can be explored. Using computer simulation, DPSD tests and verifies the performance of various design options.

Sharing this valuable insight with the lead architects, multiple reviews and workshops are conducted until all design conflicts are resolved and the best solutions are identified. This iterative process will optimise the building performance.

Working with mechanical and electrical engineers, DPSD delivers active building systems that harmonise with the environment. This synergy between the building services helps mitigate conflicting factors allowing architects and engineers to justify their designs with the performance of the building.